Founded in Bologna in 1999 by our founders Massimiliano Magagni and Susanna Goldoni, the academy (formerly Music Academy 2000) was the first music college in Italy to develop contemporary curriculum and events in partnership with the Los Angeles Music Academy and to implement the American educational approach to popular music.

In 25 years our unique college developed together with the industry and now offers a comprehensive education pathway in every aspect of the creative industries, including instrumental performance, singing, composition for records, cinema and video games, film production, games production, 3D/ VR programming , audio engineering, music business as well as training in the latest creative technology.


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Music Academy

Established in 1999 the music school started as an instrumental school for pop rock musicians. In the early 2000s started including vocalists as well as other instruments and contemporary musical styles including jazz, world, classical and italian music. Nowadays the school has a very strong technological approach and helps music producers, sound engineers, sound designers and music composers for the music industry, film, gaming and multimedia.

Film Academy

Around 2015 it was clear that the creative industries education was expanding into the multimedia sector. The Academy evolved naturally giving its students new tools to work in the industry and introducing courses like Video Maker, Radio Broadcasting, Multimedia Production, Film Making, Gaming and 3D Modelling.

Languages Academy

As the Academy works with international students and Qualifications it is important to prepare its students for the international scene, also with English language preparation courses at different levels. CHA is a Pearson PTE Exam Centre for the English Language.


Through real-world experience and guidance from global working professionals, students can earn a variety of degrees and certificates, taking advantage of networking opportunities on its cutting-edge Bologna campus. CHA connects students to the global industry delivering all the tools they need to enhance their career and reach their artistic dreams. Erasmus accredited projects also allow students mobility and international work experience throughgout Europe.

CHA’s comprehensive, innovative and artistic training in creative arts includes:

– Flexible options within each programme
– Lecturers and guest artists with global experience
– 6 days a week access to modern facilities
– Cloud-based digital system for educational content, evaluations, books and media
– Networking with successful students and graduates
– Practical applications of various styles, genres and concepts
– Intercultural interaction with students from all over the world