There are multiple avenues to attain professional status. Uncover your path to a prosperous future in the realm of creativity. A supportive environment for young individuals aspiring to showcase their creative talents.

Our Artist Development Centre (CSA, Italian acronym) has acted as a nurturing space for aspiring young creatives who lack the financial means to invest in their artistic production. It offers them an opportunity to express their art, expand their knowledge in communication, legislation, and marketing, and acquire valuable skills. Today, CSA has transformed into a “research and experimentation centre” focused on preserving traditional music while embracing future technological advancements.

Throughout the years, our Academy has guided numerous talented individuals in their education and journey to prominence, often with the assistance of CSA. Graduates from our institution successfully pursue careers in the Italian and international entertainment industry, thanks to the skills they acquire.

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Promoting Culture of Creativity

CSA aims to cultivate a positive culture of creativity and healthy competition within our academies, fostering a continuous stream of news, success stories, and public relations. Through CSA’s growth and recognition, we aspire to elevate the overall quality and achieve the same level of success as our international partners.


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Industry Connections

Through its valuable connections, CSA organizes events that facilitate interactions between CSA artists and professionals in the music industry, including A&R representatives, music directors, and record labels. These events provide artists with an opportunity to present their demo tapes in a relaxed and informal setting.

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Performance Showcases

Special live events enable musicians from the Academy to showcase their talent and receive immediate feedback from industry stakeholders, such as booking agencies, managers, radio stations, and production companies.


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Production Showcases

Conducted within recording studios, these events offer musicians the chance to collaborate with industry professionals, such as producers, arrangers, mixers, and mastering engineers. They provide valuable guidance for career development and an opportunity to establish personal connections with experienced professionals.

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Label Showcases

These showcases, directly organized by record labels at the Music Academy headquarters, are designed for musicians actively engaged in live performances and possessing demo recordings. They provide a platform for record labels to evaluate and discover new talent.


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The department manager prepares artists for auditions, providing technical training as well as guidance on marketing, presentation, and post-production. Auditions serve as a platform to discover artists for recording projects, musicals, cover bands, tribute bands, and more.

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Songwriting Labs

CSA offers workshops on songwriting, where the Academy’s team of teachers assists artists in various aspects of the composition, recording, and mixing process. From the initial idea to the final structure and arrangement, artists receive support from qualified professionals to enhance their chances of becoming successful singers and musicians.


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CSA Live Showcase in London

In collaboration with Unesco City of Music and the London Performers Educational Board, this initiative aims to showcase artists from the Academy on an international stage. Selected artists have the opportunity to perform in London, the global music capital, in front of esteemed professionals from the international entertainment industry.