Our primary goal is to ensure the development and growth opportunities for our students by providing high-quality courses and supporting the right to education. We promote technological innovation in information systems and offer comprehensive tools to assist our students in their job search and mobility, both within Italy and at the European and international levels. Our educational programs are designed to meet the demands of the market, focusing on higher education and vocational training in various fields related to new technologies and emerging professions.


We are committed to providing funded courses and scholarships to ensure that everyone who desires access to our institution can do so through different forms and avenues.


Grants will be granted based on a sliding ranking system, determined by the following three criteria, each assigned a weighted score:

  • Theoretical-practical skills (40% of the total score): Skills assessed through an aptitude interview with the tutor and a general questionnaire on musical culture completed by the student at the beginning of their program.

  • Academic curriculum (40% of the total score): Evaluation of the student’s academic performance in the previous year.

  • Registration date (20% of the total score)

Scholarships will be awarded at the beginning of the applicable year. To be eligible for the scholarship, the top five students in the ranking must meet the following requirements:

  • Successful completion of all exams in the previous year.
  • Fulfillment of agreed economic and administrative obligations.
  • Students who fail to meet these requirements will lose their scholarship, which will then be awarded to the next student in the ranking who was initially excluded from receiving it.


All individuals who complete their registration within the specified terms and conditions will be admitted to the call for applications.

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